Puppy Dogs and Their Dreams

If you are a pet owner then you have witnessed your puppy/ dog twitching, softly whimpering or growling, or even wagging Cheap Oakleys his/her tail, and most likely this has caused you to giggle. Is this proof that you Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie puppy dog is dreaming? This is sometimes confused as being a seizure.

Believe it or not, dogs are very similar to humans in their sleep cycles and patterns. This affords scientists with a comprehensive understanding that aids in the study of dogs and dreaming. Scientists began with studying the brainwaves of canines during their sleep; they were then reproduced and measured by researchers by using an EEG (electroencephalogram).

Researchers found that when puppy/ dogs fall asleep, they enter in lighter sleep zone and their breathing is even. In this zone, they are susceptible to being awakened easily, very similar to humans. As puppy/ dogs fall into a deeper sleep, their breathing slows down, deepens, and becomes more irregular, and they begin to experience REM (Rapid Eye Movements), which is a Wholesale jerseys sign of dreaming. They go through this cycle several times each night, and this is commonly known as the REM cycle. Scientists believe that when their eyes move back and forth rapidly they are watching pictures move quickly through their line of vision. This is the time that you begin to see your pet twitching and making subtle noises. Shetland Sheepdog Puppy Dogs, also like humans, require a good night’s sleep to stay healthy and happy, so it is important their sleep cycle does not get interrupted often.

An interesting fact that scientists have discovered in their research of puppy dogs’ sleep cycles is that it appears that small puppy/ dogs tend to dream more often than larger breed dogs. As of yet, researchers are still unsure of the reason. Does it mean that smaller puppy dogs have more vivid imaginations than larger breed dogs? Does their size have a direct correlation to their breathing habits in order to prompt dreaming? As scientists spend more time studying the sleeping habits of puppy/ dogs, more information will become available.

But all this information still doesn’t answer the question listed above: what do puppy/ dogs dream about? Well, what do humans dream about? Some have fantasies of being the star player in a professional sporting event, embarrassing moments that are completely irrevocable and mortifying, or maybe a weird nightmare that cannot seem to be sentiment explained. We can only explain what humans dream about because we are humans. So how can we answer this question about puppy/ dogs and their dreams? The best answer that can be given as of yet is simply this: puppy/ dogs most likely dream about the same kinds of things humans do, which can include fantasies of getting that turkey dinner, of catching that squirrel, sheep herding… Or maybe it will fake oakleys be something as simple as recounting the events of the day. No one can really say as of right now. Maybe as science and research grows, new and innovative technology will be discovered that will allow us to see into the dreams of puppy/ dogs. For now, we will simply have to be content with our imaginations when it comes to puppy/ dogs and their dreams.

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