It is our goal to raise quality puppies, for both Show and Companionship; that are happy, healthy and well socialized. The puppies are raised in our home so they can have lots of attention, interaction and love. We specialize in the Rare Havanese Silk dog that originated from Europe, through Havana Cuba to the United States for over 12 years nowand think they make the perfect family member. Havanese, have been voted by AKC as “The Best Family Dog” for the past 5 years. We’ve also have raised Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) for 20-years.

Cuddling close to your heart, this adorable little Sheltie or Havanese puppy bathes your face in puppy kisses, her sweet puppy breath warms your cheek, her big, brown eyes are the cutest you've ever seen, and its instant puppy love! This sweet little ball of fluff simply must spend the rest of her life with you! You sign the necessary paperwork, gather her up and take your precious puppy home. What an exciting day!

She scampers and plays and barks so cute. She snuggles, and naps in your arms, and everything is wonderful! Until she wets on your carpet; but, who could be angry with this precious little bundle of love? You forgive her, clean it up, and head for bed. Your puppy is tenderly tucked into her own little bed, the lights are out, and your eyes are closed. What a delightful day it has been! Until Precious starts to cry.

Somehow you get through several sleepless nights but you're beginning to despise those sharp little teeth. You've fussed, you've scolded, you've crated her, but no matter what you do, she continues to sink them into your hands during's painful.

A couple of days later you come home to a chewed up shoe, another wet spot on the carpet, and the children are whining that she has destroyed the television remote. Your patience is wearing thin. You're at your wit's end and the puppy love affair is all but over.

But Havanese or Sheltie puppy ownership does not have to be so frustrating. There are solutions to Sheltie puppy problems. There are ways to understand your Sheltie puppy and develop a strong bond with her. If you're willing to put forth some effort you can gently mold your little Havanese or Sheltie puppy into an enjoyable member of the family.

All Havanese and Shetland Sheepdog Sheltie Puppies are curious. They know very little about the world they live in and haven't a clue what humans expect of them. They can be messy and destructive. Most of them have been taught by their mother not to soil their bed but, beyond that, they know nothing of the difference between grass and carpet. Instinct and achy gums drive them to chew but they have no way to know which items are acceptable to gnaw on and which ones are not. They are ecstatic to see their humans come home at the end of the day and cannot imagine that their muddy paws are not welcome on your suit.

They are just like human babies in that they need love, understanding, patience, guidance, stability, and consistency to become good citizens. With just a little effort, you can give your Sheltie puppy all these things, and you'll be rewarded a hundred times over. Your mischievous little puppy can really grow up to be your very best friend and provide you with many years of beautiful companionship. Nurturing, training and socializing your puppy in the early weeks and months of her life are critical to raising a happy, confident and well-behaved dog.