Puppy Basic Socialization


Dogs are social animals, created to live in packs or families. They should never be isolated in the backyard or the bathroom. Thorough socialization is critical for your puppy to grow up into a happy and stable pet.

A variety of experiences and environments will help him build a mature personality and maintain लोगों confidence even in unfamiliar surroundings. The first three to four months are the most important. This is the critical time when your puppy’s personality is being formed. The bond he forms with you at this time determines how responsive he will be to you later on when you begin more serious training.

It’s important to understand that training is not just forcing your puppy to obey a string of commands; it’s relationship, respect, and interaction with each other. In order to raise a puppy who is emotionally stable, it’s important to never hit, yell at, or punish him. These things do not teach him; they only frighten him, discourage him and make him unresponsive to you which can cause the behavior problems that you are trying to avoid. Your goal is a well-behaved pet; not a cowering animal. Distracting from improper behavior and redirecting toward an acceptable behavior is a much more effective way to train. Just like children, he may need redirecting many times but praising, petting and laughing encourages him and keeps things fun. Make 날씨좋은일요일 him feel good about himself and he will learn which behaviors earn attention and which ones do not. He will begin to focus more on you. In return you can focus more on him as well. Pay attention to oakley outlet his body position, facial expressions and the sounds he makes. He has quite a personality so learn to communicate with him.

Throughout the day, call his name and when he looks at you, smile and tell him what a good dog he is. Build his confidence by making him feel good cheap jerseys from china about himself. Spend as much time as possible with your puppy. Puppies should not spend great lengths of time alone; include him in your life. Speak to him much the same way you would speak to a child. Talk to him about what you are doing. Show him things as you use them. He won’t understand your words but he will understand your tone and become familiar and confident with daily routine. And you’ll be surprised how quickly he will pick up the meanings of phrases. Be his friend and let him be your friend. He is one friend who will fake oakleys never be too busy for you.

It’s important that he become accustomed to certain things while he is very young. Brush him, massage him, clean his ears, brush his teeth, clip his nails and/or handle his feet several oakley outlet times a week. Stroke him while he is eating. Handle his food dish while he is eating. Pull it away and then push it back. Add food to it Fake Oakleys and take food out and feed it to him by hand. He will become comfortable to your hands around his food bowl.

Play fetch with him. Play hide and seek. Lots of toys, a Cheap NFL Jerseys log, and a tire to climb up on, some cinder blocks strategically stacked in the backyard to form ‘steps’ will provide enrichment exercise for him. Allow him to walk on different kinds of surfaces such as carpet, linoleum, wood, pavement, sand, grass, even mud. Provide a shallow kiddy pool for him to splash in.

Let him see you use the cheap authentic jerseys blender, the vacuum, the hair dryer. Expose him to car horns, music, clapping, children playing, other animals, and people in various types of attire. Allow him to experience new people, places, and scents. Take him for car rides to the park, to puppy classes, a parade, and to visit friends.

Remember the fear periods in his fake ray bans developmental age and let him investigate at his own pace and do not let anything overwhelm or frighten him. Don’t push him wholesale jerseys past his comfort level. Keep his cheap nfl jerseys experiences positive. Praise him when he’s curious or confident. Encourage, but do not coddle, him when he’s frightened.

Always take into consideration that every puppy is an individual with his own personality.

Always exercise plenty of patience, persistence, and praise.

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