Basic Puppy Health Needs

Health Needs

A healthy puppy will be a better behaved and more enjoyable puppy. As his guardian, it’s your responsibility to fulfill his health needs and ensure that he has every opportunity to be the best companion he can be.


Many diseases can be deadly for your puppy. Beginning at the age of 6 weeks, puppies need a series of combination puppy shots including a parvovirus and a rabies vaccination. Ask your veterinarian which diseases are of concern in your area.

Intestinal Parasites

Puppies fake oakleys should be examined by a Ibhi veterinarian for intestinal parasites and need to be on a regular worming program against hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, and tapeworms.


Heartworms can be deadly and symptoms may not cheap china jerseys show up until much damage is done. Your puppy cheap oakleys sunglasses will need to be on a preventative program Fake Oakleys by the age of 4 months. Some oral preventatives are given daily and some monthly. Fairly new are the injectable preventatives given once or twice a year by a veterinarian. Some kinds of heartworm preventative can be dangerous for certain sensitive breeds. Be sure to ask your veterinarian which is best for your fake oakleys dog.

Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks can Fake Oakleys transmit diseases to your puppy and even cause anemia in severe infestations. There are many flea and tick products on the market including sprays, powders, collars, shampoos, dips, pills, and topically. The most widely used, and perhaps the most effective, are some of the topically applied. Some of them kill adult fleas, some kill all stages of the flea cycle, and some also kill and repel ticks and mosquitoes. Be sure to read the label before administering, as some cannot be used safely on young That puppies. Note wholesale nfl jerseys that those commonly purchased in retail stores are different from, and may not be as effective as, those in a veterinarian office.

Ear Care

Ears should be regularly cleaned with a pet ear cleansing solution and checked for bacteria, fungus and mites.

Dental Care

Puppies should have their teeth brushed at least several times a week to prevent tartar buildup. You can purchase doggy toothbrushes or finger brushes and doggy toothpaste. Do not use human toothpaste. If your puppy becomes accustomed to having his teeth brushed at an early age he will cooperate as an adult. There are also chews and treats available to benefit your puppy’s dental health.

Coat Care

Keep your puppy clean with a shampoo made especially for puppies. Frequent baths can dry the skin so once a month is usually adequate. Make sure to dry your puppy so he won’t get chilled after a bath. Remember to follow all label instructions, as many flea collars or dips cannot be used safely on young puppies. Nails can be checked and clipped, if needed, at bath time. Again, if your puppy becomes accustomed to nail trimmings at a young age, he will be more cooperative as an wholesale nfl jerseys adult.

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