Puppy Pad Training

Puppy Pad Training for your Havanese or Sheltie

Be consistent in your training. When you use one method stick to it. Consistency will be rewarded.
Try to maintain a strict Gilgit-Baltistan fake oakleys schedule regarding:
What you replica oakleys feed your dog<br cheap oakleys />
When you feed him/her
When you give him/her water
When you take him/her out for a walk

Stick to quality, dry food. It makes his/her digestion and stool’s consistent. A good quality, dry food also exercises his/her jaws and helps to keep his/her teeth clean.
What you feed your dog will affect:
How solid her stools are
How often she potties
How much control she will have over his urge

Eating table scraps can really mess up your dog’s stools (as well as giving him/her health problems) and therefore wreak havoc on your housebreaking plans. Decent quality, dry dog food is Surface you and your dog’s biggest ally… table scraps are not.

When a puppy, your dog will require to be feed and watered 3 or 4 feedings a day. When 6 months and older begin to cut his/her feedings down to a couple of times a day, but continue to give him water 3 or 4 times a day. The last watering should be no later than a couple of hours before bedtime. The feeding and drinking time shouldn’t last over 15 minutes. Your puppy dog will soon learn not to dawdle over the food bowl.

Try to feed your dog in a nice, quiet spot and don’t interrupt him/her during a 15 minute feeding and watering time. The last feeding should be as early as possible (around 5 or 6) so that he/she will eliminate on the last walk and will fake oakleys not have to go overnight.

When you bring your puppy dog home, section off a small area for his/her living space. Start out covering his/her entire confined area with absorbent puppy pads or paper.
Your mission is to gradually make his/her paper area smaller and smaller until you are left with a very Cheap Jerseys from china small potty area. And then you will probably want to move his/her potty area exclusively to the Wholesale China Jerseys great outdoors.

Keep his/her potty fake ray cheap jerseys bans papers Cheap nfl jerseys in one location. DO NOT put them throughout the house. Your puppy dog should have his/her one, defined, potty area in sight at all times.
Try to change any dirty puppy pads/ paper ASAP. You want his/her area to be clean at all times, which will allow him/her to choose it again to dirty.

Clean thoroughly the areas where he/she uses the potty with ammonia free cleanser . A simple solution of vinegar diluted with water is a good neutralizer. You can put some in a spray bottle for convenience. Your puppy will continue to use the potty where he/she smells even faint traces of her own accident.
When you take your dog outside to potty, stay with him/her. Using a leash, take your puppy dog exactly where you want him/her to go for a potty area. You can also take his/her soiled paper with you outside and put it in the area where you would like for him/her to go. Give your puppy dog around 15 minutes to do his/her business. If your puppy doesn’t go, then bring him/her back in. If he/she shows signs of having to go, then take him/her back outside.

Praise your puppy dog when he/she potties on the designated papers or area. Don’t go overboard in your praise though. In the wild, his mother would not. Whenever you catch your puppy dog going in the wrong place – pick him/her up and take him/her to the puppy pads/ papers or designated area immediately, while saying “Bad Dog.”

After a walk and business done, then he/she can get 15 – 20 minutes of play time and then back to his/her living area.

If you discover an accident after the fact, take your dog over to the area and let him/her get a good whiff. Say “Bad Dog” and then take him/her to the designated potty area.
Don’t ever shove his/her nose in the mess or hit your puppy. This does not happen in the wild and does no good at all. His mother wouldn’t do it. She would correct him/her with her voice, or shove him/her with her muzzle or body.

Make sure that all other sources of water are eliminated during training so that you will have control over when and therefore where he/she urinates. Possible sources where he/she might sneak a drink of water: toilets, flowerpots, puddles, etc. Patience is very important. Remember that if you stick with it, your dog will sooner or later be housebroken.

Points to remember:

Tough love is sometimes necessary. Remember, you are the Alpha pack leader and your tough love will pay off in the long run.

A dog’s sense of smell is thousands of times keener than ours, so believing that an odor is gone by using your own sense of smell is useless. Always use an ammonia free cleanser.

Your puppy’s small living space should be near the action of the house so he/she doesn’t get too lonely.

Your puppy won’t have very good control of his stools and urine until after 3 months of age, so he will need more frequent walks.

Keeping your puppy confined to his/her personal area or him being where you can keep a constant eye on him/her are essential to house-breaking. It does more good to catch him/her in the act of an accident and stopping it than correcting him after the fact.

While you’re away, leave him/her in the personal confined space with his/her puppy pads or potty papers . Make sure that he/she has something to chew on , as this will keep him/her occupied. You Cheap NFL Jerseys cheap ray bans might also want to leave the radio or television on, as dogs are social animals and crave company.

Observe closely your puppy dog’s habits. See how long after eating he/she relieves himself/herself. Get a good average. This will help you in planning a schedule for his/her walks.

When the puppy pad/ paper training is over, clean the area thoroughly with ammonia free cleanser so that he/she doesn’t continue to use that area.

You can take some of his/her soiled puppy pads/ potty paper outside while training to get him/her to go outside in a specific area.

Take your puppy dog out first thing in the morning. He/she should go within about 20 minutes, if not bring your puppy in and watch him/her. Take your puppy back out when he/she displays the urge to go.

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