Puppy’s Point of View

Dogs are pack animals, developing strong bonds. They feel secure with a strong leader. Pack order custom jerseys can be compared to a human family in that it recognizes/ represents authority custom jerseys and security for the dog world. Just as children flourish in a stable home, so do puppies. The early months are a good time to establish this family order. A good leader will treat his dog with respect and fairness, and be careful to not create fear. Problems arise when we slack our leadership role or 01:43:00 engage in a battle of wills.

A good leader establishes dominance, but not through a battle of wills. Dominance that is established over time through relationship and daily routine will earn your dog’s respect and reliable obedience.

The dog must recognize his trainer as his leader and understand what the trainer wants but these things take time and patience. The trainer must communicate to him in a way that he can understand.  In dog terms, leadership is shown through sleeping patterns, leading patterns, and food control.

Sleeping patterns

The leader sleeps in the best bed and on a higher level. Very young puppies need to sleep in your room near you but, until they accept oakley sunglasses you as their leader, they should not sleep in the bed with you. My dogs sleep in bed with me but it doesn’t cause behavior problems because they have been in the family for years and are quite comfortable in their place within the family.

Leading patterns

The leader always leads the way. When you’re outside walking around, call your puppy to you every once in awhile. If he ignores you, try running away while you continue calling him. Most puppies will run after you if you run. Some very dominant dogs must not be allowed to forge ahead of you even when entering another room, but this is only for Loja exceptionally unruly dogs. Just remember to be consistent cheap oakleys with whatever the puppy is allowed or not allowed to do.

Food Control

The leader always eats first and provides food for other pack members. Have puppy ‘sit’ before you give him his food. It is always advised to not give snacks from the table as it teaches them the annoying habit of begging. Again, I will say that, after your puppy is comfortable with his role in the family, snacks from the table can be acceptable. In my house, I give my dogs treats from the table but they know that when I say, “That’s all,” I mean it and they stop asking.

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