Shipping & Delivery

The BEST way to get your New fake oakleys furry family member is by picking them up at MorningStar Valley Farm in person. We LOVE to meet our new puppy buyers in person and have a relationship from the time you purchase through his or her entire life.

Another option is for you to fly in to McGhee Tyson Airport in Knoxville TN and we’ll meet you at the airport. You can then take your puppy back on the plane with you as a carry-on, which normally costs around $100-125. The puppy will have to be in a soft carry-on bag.

Another option is for us to help you obtain a Private Cheap Football Jerseys Pet Driver that will pick up your puppy from Our Door and deliver them to Your Door. This normally cost about the same as shipping a puppy by airplane, which we do not ship our puppies by plane-cargo, just as I would not ship one of my kids by plane-cargo.

IF you are looking for Airline shipping of pets, you’ll need this information below as basic information:

Requirements to Ship

  • Animals must be at least 8 weeks of custom jerseys age.
  • Shipping kennel or cage must meet standards for size, ventilation, strength and design.
  • Animals must have enough room to stand up and turn around. Kennels must be equipped with one food and water cup. Kennels must be marked with shipper’s name, address and phone number and pick-up replica oakleys person’s name, address and phone number <a cheap oakleys href=”” target=”_blank”>fake oakleys (if different from shipper), Live Animal Stickers should be applied to the kennel and the last time fed and watered indicated. Place newspaper or absorbent material on the bottom of the crate.
  • Animal may not be exposed to temperatures of less than 45 degrees Fahrenheit unless there is an acclimation statement by a Veterinarian.
  • Health ray ban sunglasses Certificate must be issued by a licensed Veterinarian and be no more than 10 days old.
  • Animals may not be brought to the airline more than 4 hours before a flight.
  • Animals less than 16 weeks of age must be offered food and water if transit is more than 12 hours. Older animals must have food at least every 24 hours and water at least every 12 hours.
  • Animals over 16 weeks cheap jerseys from china must have fake ray bans rabies shots current.

Things to Consider

  • If shipping international (including Hawaii) check the quarantine laws.
  • Do not give your pet solid food in the six hours before the flight.
  • Do not give your pet 12:53:16] sedation without your veterinarians approval.
  • Try to schedule a non-stop flight and avoid heavy travel times.

Airlines that Ship Pets

Cargo Customer Service Center: 1-800-225-2752


Air Logistics professional at 800-DL-CARGO (800-352-2746).



1-800-NWCARGO (1-800-692-2746)



Organizations that Ship Pets

Importing and Exporting Live Animals

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