Think Like a Puppy

A study done by a Russian scientist in the early 70’s suggests that dogs can become accustomed to certain things happening at certain times of the day and perhaps even call up images of those happenings.

Perhaps your puppy remembers the scent and warmth of his mother and littermates, or maybe he can call up images of treats or food in his bowl. Perhaps, when you’re gone and he’s all alone at home, he remembers you speaking softly to him or lying with throw pillows on the couch, or holding a magazine, or television remote. He probably has images of you walking around the house or smiling and talking to him. When you are gone, he calls up these images and experiences a strong desire to be with you. He knows very little about the outside world and wonders where you are or when/if you will be back so he seeks to be near you by playing with the items he has seen you handle. He lies on the couch and chews on the throw pillow or the magazine or the remote, to taste and inhale your scent. This comforts him and makes you seem nearer.

Then he hears the car and your footsteps outside the door and he knows you are finally home! He is ecstatic and runs to greet you. He feels you scoop him up, hears the excitement in your voice as you pet him and everything is wonderful! Then you spot cheap jerseys the shredded pillow or magazine or remote and he sees your smile turn to a frown, hears your voice turn angry and maybe feels the sting of a swat from you. He has no idea why you suddenly turned from wholesale jerseys happy to angry. All he did was dream of you all day and happily run to greet you when you returned. Because he has not a clue why you are unhappy with him, fear strikes in his little heart. Psychic trauma! Even after the incident has passed and you have forgotten about it, he will harbor a certain amount of fear and suspicion, because he never knows exactly when you will suddenly transform into a raging monster. This fear and suspicion, this uncertainty, creates anxiety, which causes more destructive behaviors such as more chewing, or submissive wetting or nipping, which in turn, makes you even angrier, and eventually a vicious cycle is set in motion.

Think of the time he snatched the doughnut from your plate and led you on a wild chase through the house! Why did he wait until you turned away to pour a cup of coffee? And oakley outlet why did he run away if he didn’t know that he’d done wrong? In doggy culture, when another dog turns away from food, he is finished and doesn’t want anymore. Your puppy was only behaving according 2017-04-26 to what his puppy view tells him. He simply took the ‘unclaimed’ food. When you chased him, it became a game of ‘keep away’ that he had played many times with his puppy siblings. It’s fun…until you catch him and he feels your anger. He doesn’t understand and worries about why you custom jerseys are angry and this, too, adds to his anxiety.

Understanding your puppy’s perspective, learning to look at the world through his limited view and interpret his communication may make the difference in a successful or unsuccessful relationship.

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